Community Outreach

Would you like the Lexington Fair Housing Council to come to your event, company presentation, diversity training, or test your property? Complete this request form!

The Lexington Fair Housing Council investigates complaints of discrimination from the public and receives referrals from other nonprofit agencies.

The Council also conducts fair housing seminars for the public, government agencies, trade groups, real estate professionals, and associations. Call the office if you would like the Council to send someone to speak about fair housing to your group.

The Lexington Fair Housing Council can also provide self-testing services to real estate brokers, apartment owners, builders, developers, and insurance agents who want to ensure that their agents and staffers are compliant with fair housing laws. Call the Council to request a proposal for self-testing services.

The Lexington Fair Housing Council does not charge for its services. If you have experienced discrimination in your search for a home, homeowners or renters insurance, or mortgage financing, call the Lexington Fair Housing Council at (859) 971-8067. Outside of Lexington, call our offices toll-free at (866) 438-8617.