The Lexington Fair Housing Council is a nonprofit civil rights agency that investigates complaints of housing discrimination throughout Kentucky.

The Fair Housing Act is a federal law that applies to private and public housing that prohibits discrimination in the sale or rental of housing to anyone, or to subject someone to different terms or conditions, because of that person’s:

– Race
– Ethnicity/Color
– National Origin
– Religion
– Sex
– Familial Status (the presence of children under the age of 18)
– Disability (physical and mental)

Additionally, the cities of Lexington, Covington, Vicco, Frankfort, Danville, Morehead, Louisville, and Midway have passed ordinances that prohibit discrimination due to a person’s:

– Gender Identity
– Sexual Orientation

If you feel that you have been the victim of housing discrimination, the Lexington Fair Housing Council will investigate your case and determine if there is evidence to file a legal complaint on your behalf in court, with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and/or with a human rights commission in Kentucky. If LFHC finds evidence to support your claims, we will assist you through the process of your complaint as advocates and legal representatives, or we will assist you in finding an attorney to take your case.

The Lexington Fair Housing Council does not charge for its services. If you have experienced discrimination in your search for a home, homeowners or renters insurance, or mortgage financing, call the Lexington Fair Housing Council at (859) 971-8067. Outside of Lexington, call our offices toll-free at (866) 438-8617.

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