Training & Outreach

Our experienced staff offers fair housing training to groups and organizations of all sizes! To better accommodate both time constraints and your organization’s particular needs, we gladly provide different training arrangements to best suit your needs.

General Fair Housing Training (3+ hours): For professional organizations seeking a comprehensive fair housing training, we offer a training that will cover all aspects of fair housing law. This training includes materials about all protected identities, best practices for fair housing policies and procedures, and plenty of time to discuss the specific issues you have encountered at your property or organization. Each participant in our general fair housing training will receive a folder of fair housing reference tools as well as a certificate of training completion.

Please refer to the table below for a list of the different pricing tiers based on your organization’s size. For specialty trainings, see the notes here.

1-10 Persons
11-20 Persons
21-50 Persons
51-80 Persons$500.00
81-125 Persons$700.00
125+ Persons$950.00
Prices are effective August 1, 2018.

Fair Housing in Brief (1 hour): For a shorter training session, the Fair Housing in Brief training consists of a training focused on one specific fair housing topic (meaning we’ll spend the entire hour talking only about, say, domestic violence and fair housing). There is no cap on participants for the Fair Housing in Brief training. The cost for the training is $100, with additional mileage reimbursement depending on the location of the training.

Fair Housing Webinar (1 hour): If an in-person training doesn’t seem feasible, we are glad to offer to host a webinar for your agency or organization. At this time, the webinar requests we are accepting will resemble our Fair Housing in Brief trainings, which focus on a specific fair housing topic. The cost for the webinar training is $100.

Keynote Speaker: If you would like to invite an LFHC staff member to deliver a keynote speech at your event, we are happy to help spread the fair housing word with you! We are happy to arrange to have one of our staff speak at your event for up to 1 hour to discuss the importance of fair housing, the ways fair housing impacts people, and what we all can do to help further fair housing together. The cost for scheduling a keynote speaker from LFHC is $150, with additional mileage reimbursement depending on the location of the training.

Community/Resource Events: LFHC does not charge for speaking requests for tenant groups nor for social service providers working in mental healthcare facilities, family resource centers, homeless shelters, and domestic violence shelters. Likewise, LFHC does not charge for staff to appear at community events, resource fairs, and professional panel appearances.

To contact us about scheduling a training or to participate in your event, please complete our online request form.

If you have any questions about our trainings, please contact Drew Bowling at (859) 971 8067, ext. 102, or by email at .

– For trainings that are longer than 3 hours, please add a $100 to the training cost for each additional half hour.
– For any specialty trainings (design and construction, homeowner/neighborhood associations, zoning, etc.) please add an additional $200.00 to the base price.
– Travel/overnight expenses will be assessed additionally for any trainings occurring outside of Lexington, Kentucky.
– If you are a housing provider and are legally designated as a non-profit organization, please ask about discounted pricing. Only non-profits are eligible for a half or full pricing discounts.